A review of AbsolutelyNew’s History

AbsolutelyNew, Inc. is all about new products. But the company isn’t new to the world of invention and consumer goods—AbsolutelyNew has actually been helping independent inventors launch their new products into stores since way back in 2003.

Over the years, AbsolutelyNew has evolved and acquired other companies’ assets in order to better serve inventors. What’s never changed is its steadfast commitment to innovation, one invention and inventor at a time. To keep up to date, you can follow us through these social media sites:


Here’s where we are today and key milestones in our history:


Press Releases by AbsolutelyNew in 2011

2010: AbsolutelyNew solidifies leadership and success

Overview of AbsolutelyNew in 2010:

  • AbsolutelyNew added the recent head of the United States Patent & Trademark Office, Jon Dudas, to the team.
  • The licensing success rate achieved by AbsolutelyNew is ten times (10X) its biggest “competitors.”
  • AbsolutelyNew receives unprecedented television news coverage of new products

2009: AbsolutelyNew executes invention growth strategy

  • Developed and sold a record number of products to national retailers.
  • Multiple product sell-outs on #1 television shopping channel QVC
  • Launches first annual National Invention Competition and Student Invention Competition.

2008: AbsolutelyNew reaches new heights

  • Accelerates concerted effort to identify, license, manufacture and sell inventions under the AbsolutelyNew brand name.
  • AbsolutelyNew hires highly experienced employees from The Sharper Image, Clorox, Motorola, Colgate and Macy’s, to increase expertise and capability.
  • A strategic Advisory Board is created. It includes leaders from Harvard Business School and Staples, 3M, Sears and the start-up community.

2007: AbsolutelyNew secures VC investment & new management

  • AbsolutelyNew establishes a strategic and financial relationship with Tier 1 venture capital firm Artiman Ventures.
  • Leaders from Apple, GE, Microsoft, and PricewaterhouseCoopers are added to the AbsolutelyNew team
  • Select assets are acquired from Inventors Publishing & Research, LLC after exploring alternatives to fuel company growth via outside sources.

2004-2006: AbsolutelyNew builds momentum

  • AbsolutelyNew helps inventors by partnering with them to advance and market their product ideas.
  • AbsolutelyNew starts to secure retail distribution deals on behalf of independent inventors.
  • Begins to license inventions to sell under the AbsolutelyNew brand name.

2003: AbsolutelyNew is born

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