PBS Features the Nail Driver™

PBS Features the Nail Driver

 The Nail Driver™ is great for fast and easy hanging of picture frames on drywall surfaces. Lightweight and easy to use, it inserts a nail the perfect distance into the wall with just one hand! Operation is as simple as load a nail; push into a wall; hang picture frame. Now, there’s no damaged walls or smashed fingers!
  • One tool, one hand: Eliminates having to use a conventional hammer and nail to hang a picture frame—no more hitting your thumb or other fingers while hammering!
  • Stores picture nails right in the tool, so they’re always within reach!



Auto Outfits™ Featured in Inventors Digest

Inventors Digest featured one of AbsolutelyNew‘s inventors’ ideas recently. Sue Valeri is the inventor of the Auto Outfits.

Just like Sue, you might have an invention idea that’s just waiting to be patented, developed and introduced to stores. Don’t hesitate to  contact us today if you’re ready to launch your invention idea!

PBS Features the illumi-knob™on Ask This Old House

PBS featured AbsolutelyNew‘s invention, the illumi-knob on their show, Ask This Old House! The illumi-knob is a device designed to fit over most door handles, the illumi-knob™ uses an infared sensor to detect any movement within 10 feet and then turns on a gentle LED light ring. It’s ideal for children and the elderly.


  • Auto shut-off after 10 secs.
  • Durable plastic.
  • Provides access to keyhole.
  • Provides lever for doorknob.
  • Battery-powered (3 AAAs).

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Gardening Magazine Features the Water Saver™

Gardening Magazine featured the Water Saver in the January/February edition of their magazine. You can now buy the Water Saver at Home Depot. The Water Saver Usage Meter connects right between a garden hose and a spray-nozzle, allowing you to measure how much water you use your car washes, watering your lawn, taking care of your garden and more. It has a large impact-resistant LCD screen that shows the amount of water you’ve used in gallons or liters. It also has a Reset button to clear the absolute total, as well as to switch the measurement between gallons and liters. It even has a 10-second auto-shutoff to help save battery power. The housing is made of durable ABS that can resist the outdoor elements. Water Saver is designed to fit faucets, spray-nozzles, and of course, outdoor hoses.

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Handyman Club of America Recommends Select-a-Socket™

Handyman Club of America recommends Select-a-Socket™ after reviewing it. Not only that, they also voted that quality was the best feature of this Absolutely New product in their February 2011 edition of their editorial.

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National Home Gardening Club Recommends the Water Saver™

Members of the National Home Gardening Club reviewed Absolutely New’s Water Saver and named its best feature the ease of use. The Water Saver can be bought at Sears. The Water Saver Usage Meter connects easily between a garden hose and a spray-nozzle, so you can measure how much water youre using during lawn & garden care, car washes, and more.

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Amazon Selects AbsolutelyNew as a Top Holiday Seller

Amazon Selects AbsolutelyNew as a Top Holiday Seller in 2010.

Pet Product News Features the Scoop n’ Bag™

AbsolutelyNew‘s Scoop n’ Bag was featured in the Pet Product News International Cat Marketplace section in the April 2011 print edition. Scoop n’ Bag is the scoop with the built-in bags! The scoop features a five-position adjustable head. It filters fine litter particles or dirt through it’s screen.



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Chicago Business Features Thriving Office™

ChicagoBusiness featured AbsolutelyNew‘s “Thriving Business” CD in their article about how to find way to project authority when working from home. “Thriving Business” is a CD with keyboard clicking, fax machines, mumbling and paper shuffling sounds to portray the illusion of a busy office in the background of phone calls.

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Pet Product News Features Roll Play™, Treat Launcher™, and Squeeze Bones™

Here is a cut out of the Pet Product News International article covering the AbsolutelyNew pet products with pictures! Pet Product News International featured the Treat Launcher™, Catnip Tip ‘n Twirl™, Squeeze Bones and Roll Play pet products in their May 2011 edition of the magazine.

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